Personal notes on the pandemic.

Prior assumptions and perspectives include;

  • The first draft of anything is rarely the best.  
  • The first model of a design often has flaws and it is worth waiting for later iterations to resolve them
  • Humanity has form on not anticipating 2nd or 3rd level consequences - solving one problem inadvertently creating others in the process
  • Hubris should be part of any equation in solving complex or wicked problems
  • Diversity would seem healthier than monolithic or monocultural approaches
  • Playing our hand too early in a complex and rapidly changing situation may leave us in a more vulnerable position in the long-term
  • Wariness of simple narratives and easy answers, especially from authority figures
  • Concern over powerful incentive-caused-bias that can cause inconvenient questions to be obscured or buried
  • Social proof and peer pressure aren't necessarily good decision making tools
  • In learning about a domain use one system to evaluate another where possible and cross-check the language patterns to see where the arguments lie and what options may be available
  • If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, what are the options?
  • "First, do no harm." Applicable to self, loved ones and society
  •  Concern over apparent lack of multiple approaches, but only one answer seems to be given in one of the most complex challenges for our generation, except the climate emergency.  This seems unusual
  • Avoid conspiracy and seek credible sources